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Beyond The Music is a community organization designed to help individuals working behind the scenes in the music industry. We understand that these people dominate the industry, yet receive little recognition. The current music industry landscape makes it hard for people to become aware of industry dynamics and knowledge, nearby resources, and career-boosting opportunities. Through conversation and community, we can build the foundation for an industry that values people more than anything else.

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3 Things Google Analytics Can Do To Help Your Career

If you do not have your own website yet, you should consider getting one. If you are working for yourself, growing a music industry career on the side, and/or want to continue to build your online presence then creating content and sharing it on your website is...

Beyond The Music Presents: Indie vs. Major Labels

As an artist, manager, or consultant, finding the right label can feel like dating. You know you have to ask questions, do your research, talk to dozens of options before you find the one that makes you feel inspired, excited, and wanting to invest in your future. So...

Chicago Indie Labels You Should Know About

Chicago has significantly grown its business presence in the music industry and independent labels are at the forefront of that growth. While New York, Los Angeles, and Nashville are well-known as the music markets with a lot of cash investment, Chicago has continued...

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@djboothEIC A record label can also a.) own an intrinsic publishing company, I.E. UMG x UMPG — the “label” generally own’s the song rights, exclusive license or derivative thereof, “distribution.” b.) the “label” typically gets 50% of the publishing. Each deal is bespoke, yet common.

Nah. Quick lesson. A record label and a publishing company are responsible for two different parts of a song. The record label oversees (and usually owns) the musical recording (the master), while the publisher oversees the musical composition (writing). 💡


I need to afford NBA league pass and you need great band bios! I’ve written for @SleepOnItBand, @ConEtiquette_CT, and many more. I’ll write anything you need. Just hit the DM. Or email me. Send a messenger pigeon. Whatever it takes.