Finding an internship can be an arduous process. It may be difficult to know where to look especially if you are interested in the music industry. “Do I apply to a studio? Do they even have internships?”

Working closely with professionals in this kind of environment can help you figure out where you think you’ll fit professionally in the future. Here are a few key places to look for an internship. Although there may be different places advertising positions of the same title, that job title may look different for different companies. Look around a bit before accepting a position.

Record Labels

Labels are good places to look for an internship because their production is so broad. Positions here can include things from A&R and Graphic Design to Booking Agent and Event Management. Record Labels are a good place to make connections with people with a variety of responsibilities especially if you want to see the business side of music production.


Venues are most commonly looking for young people to help with marketing. These positions often involve working with a social media, or street team. No matter the position, working with a venue can give you important insight on what it takes to put a show together. This involves talent buying, technical production, sound design, and advertisement among other things.


If writing or photography is your specialty, it is necessary to peek into the other side of production. You may have the creativity down, but there is an important business side to getting your work into the world. Working on the other side of a publication teaches you how to get your content published in the future. Although it can sometimes feel like you’re in charge of putting other people’s work where you wish yours was, these positions can help you understand how to put yourself in a place where your work can be published.


Radio Stations and Podcast Production go hand in hand in many ways. Because these are solely audio productions, most things interns do here is behind the scene. This may seem less glamorous than other internships, but radio shows and podcasts provide so much content in so little airtime, thus they are often seeking quick, bright interns in fields like Public Relations, Broadcasting, Writing, Community Outreach and others year round.

Although it may seem like radio is on the decline, many radio stations are still a good place to gain knowledge about different aspects of the industry. Due to the primarily local or community based nature of the radio, interning with a station or on a show can help you build connections within your community. Radio internships are also a good place to get a sense of various duties from writing proposals to content organization.

Podcasts, although less accessible due to their smaller scale operation, are also good places to work one on one with artists and production. Podcasts often provide a niche platform for audiences which means they are always looking to broaden their listening network and look for good social media, marketing, and writing interns.