If you like music, especially new music, then you have probably listened to a Haulix-backed album or single release. “Haulix is a service you use to discreetly share watermarked pre-release music with the industry’s tastemakers.” They ensure that an artist’s project that they spent days creating does not get leaked before it is released. The industry needs mediators like Haulix to securely deliver content to publications and into fans’ ears.

I had the chance to learn more about the platform from Founder, Matt Brown and Director of Customer Engagement, James Shotwell.

What makes Haulix so unique, both in the platform itself and in the music promotion landscape?

Unique in regards to our competition, if you do a Twitter or Alexa search, our stats show we are getting a considerably higher amount of traffic and engagement.  Press are used to getting promos sent through us and we are overall more favorable.  Unlike others, we give back too.  We have a popular music industry job board and we educate with a very active blog and podcast.

How does the process of adding a project to Haulix work? Who are the people that typically do it?

Anyone with a Haulix account and an internet connection can create a digital promo.  You login, import your contacts and upload an album using MP3 or WAV files.  Then it’s just a matter of sending out email invitations to the press and granting access to the listeners.  People who typically do this, are publicists or people working at a record label.

People are interacting with music beyond the songs alone. How, if at all, does Haulix allow for the use of media in music promotion?

In addition to the tracks, Haulix promos can have videos showcasing a single, photos of the artist or band, PDF documents with biography or tour date information and listeners can submit feedback or rate the album. The combination of all of those different forms of media help complement the music and hopefully increase engagement.

The accessibility of content has made media a cutthroat industry. How will Haulix adapt as content becomes more and more accessible?

As content becomes more accessible, our promos will remain strategically secure — access is usually very controlled and limited.  And that makes sense when you are promoting something that hasn’t been released to the public yet.

We will be offering an embeddable music player that will stream watermarked music in the future.  That way, customers will be able to increase their reach while still being able to track early leaks via our watermarks.

What’s next for the platform?

In the next 4 weeks or so, we will be launching a new platform.  Our user interface is getting a fresh coat of paint but will remain mostly the same with buttons and controls in the same spot. We’re using the latest and greatest technologies for a more smoother experience.

We’re also continuing to beef up our network as we grow.  We have a servers on the west and east coasts as well as a strong presence in Europe.


Haulix’s full feature list can be viewed here. Here is a video from their site on how it all works: