Beyond The Music Presents: An Industry Workshop

Our very first event! Thank you to everyone involved in our Industry Workshop:

  • Rivka Yeker, Hooligan Magazine
  • Kat Stuehrk and Matthew Walsh, Our Music My Body
  • Britt Julious, Chicago Tribune
  • Rachel Zyzda, Anchr Mag
  • Emilee Kieffer, Freelance Graphic Design
  • Brad LaPlante, Youtuber/Obsessxns
  • Hannah Hines, Music Journalist/Punk Pit Stop
  • Monique Doron, Riot Fest
  • James Shotwell, Haulix/Inside Music Podcast/Substream
  • Amanda Schill, Merch Manager (Recent: Andrew McMahon)
  • Allison Lanza, Merch Manager (Recent: The Wrecks)
  • Alex Fucking Smith, Merch Manager, Gonzo Journalist (Recent: Sleep On It)

Thank you to Dimo’s, Revolution Brewing and High Brew Coffee for providing the food and drinks!

All Industry Workshop photos by Andrew Merz: Website and Instagram!