Festival season is HERE. The combination of your favorite bands, a few to discover and some good friends makes for a wonderful summer. Every festival is jam-packed with music, food, and merchandise from every artist on the lineup. If you like buying merch (who doesn’t?) then you are going to want to read these tips on working with the merchandise managers handling the precious goods.

1. They are Human Beings, Treat Them Like It

Treat every merchandise manager as if they were an extension of the band you so desperately love. They work with the band on the road, at the show and every moment in between.

In many cases, festivals will have their own merchandise managers running the show for all of the bands. This makes things easier to track for the festival as well as the band and allows small acts who may not have a designated person get the full effect of selling merchandise. This does not take away from the fact that you are being helped by a person doing their job so don’t be a narc.

2. Know Your Size (Or At Least The Size You Want)

Merchandise managers want to get through the line as quick as possible so everyone who wants stuff can get it. Also, having a super long line in an indoor venue can be dangerous and no one needs to get hurt over the new single on cassette. The best way to speed up the process is no what you want and if it has sizes, go into the conversation with the size in mind. Merch managers are not fashion experts (although they all look great) and they will not judge you based on the size you want.

3. If They Are Not There, They Will Be Back

Whether it’s to eat, relieve themselves or just to get some alone time, sometimes the merch manager just is not there. They will be back. Oh and do not ask a different merch person from a different band to sell you something from that table. That is is like going to Burger King and asking for a Big Mac.

4. If They Out, They Out

Merchandise managers may seem like creatures of magic but they cannot make merch just appear out of thin air (we think). They would LOVE to sell you exactly what you want but sometimes it just does not work out.

5. Merchandise. Managers. Are. Not. Coat. Checks.

Even if there is “room available”, you may want to take out your wallet. You would pay for a coat check at any venue and it is not different here. Also, many merchandise managers do not even like doing this because they should not feel responsible for someone’s belongings. This especially applies if they do not know you.

Got any more tips? Have a favorite merchandise manager? Share them in the comments below!