Happy Fall, everybody! Today I am looking into history as a way to regain focus and perspective on my path in the music world. My academic background has taught me to try to learn everyday about those who have paved the musically industrious way for us. It easy to get caught up in our day to do work, maintain relationships, and cope with the ever-tumbling political climate. But knowledge is power, they say. In the industry, It helps us understand the relevance and power of what those before us have done. It enables confidence in our strongest realms of passion. A little searching told me that 73 years ago today Elvis Presley performed at his first talent show at only 10 years old. In 2004, at age 17, Joss Stone became the youngest female artist to reach number 1 on the UK Charts. 15 years ago today, a classic of my generation, School of Rock debuted in theaters. Before the movie was finished, Jack Black taught us how to ‘drive a point home’, and begged Led Zeppelin to let them use Immigration Song for the film. You can watch that original footage here.

It is also important to remember how short but impactful life can be and celebrate those in history who we’ve lost on this day over the years. In 1967, singer-songwriter Woody Guthrie died. Guthrie was a major influence on Bob Dylan, Bruce Springsteen and Johnny Cash as well as a staple in the Folk community. Additionally, it has been 10 years since Johnny J’s apparent suicide. Johnny J’s production stood behind numerous hits that came from 2Pac and Death Row Records. He was a force for both Death Row and 2Pac even after 2Pac’s death in 1995.

With the change of season upon us, looking back through history always provides me a bit of comfort. To learn from their mistakes, find worth in their path and creativity, I seek to refocus perspective on my own career and the importance of connections I strive to make every day.