Listening to podcasts is a great way to learn or be entertained without compromising a lot of attention. They can help you understand where many of your favorite artists and industry members got their start and where their passions lie. Podcasts these days range from general music reviews (All Songs Considered, Popcast), or as niche as Adam Scott’s and Scott Aukerman’s R U Talkin’ R.E.M. RE: ME?, which thoroughly breaks down the impact of the band R.E.M.

Exploring podcasts, taking note of what they do well, while also critiquing what’s missing can help your career or inspire you to find your own take on music writing, or podcasting. Here’s some music related podcasts that teach and inspire us.

Inside Music

Hosted by Director of Customer Engagement for Haulix and BTM friend James Shotwell, Inside Music gives you the realities of the music industry. From artists to publicists to managers, Shotwell digs deep into the day-to-day experiences of these industry warriors as well as the current state of music.

And The Writer Is…

Ross Golan seeks to understand songwriting in a way that isn’t always brought to our attention as listeners. You may not recognize the name listed as the episode titles because songwriters and producers are exponentially less known than artists. But, Golan talks to prominent industry names about where their music passions grew,  what it takes to write songs, and how songwriting is consistently political.


Not exactly the ‘getting into the industry’ type of advice we usually give, but this podcast headed by Jake Brennan, brings the depths of various household names to the surface. Part True Crime, part Behind The Music Brennan’s enthusiasm gears up your mind with knowledge of John Lennon, Tupac, Jerry Lee Lewis, and others with wide context to help you understand the often dark realities of their fame.

Fun With Dumb

Rapper Dumbfoundead makes for a relaxed yet entertaining host on his wide range podcast, Fun With Dumb featuring chilled down and real conversations guests like Chuck Inglish, Chef Roy Choi, and Open Mike Eagle, and more low-key producers, chefs, and artists. It provides an opportunity to get to know the everyday life of spotlighted celebrities. Listen to them talk about rising to the top by keeping conversations going, riding the flow, and putting their passions first.

Rap Radar Podcast

Your past, present, and future Rap Podcast. Hosted by journalists Elliott Wilson and B. Dot Miller, the seasoned duo interview artists from Erykah Badu, A.S.A.P Rocky, Common and more. Their intro states, ‘only opinion that matters,’ and we’re not gonna argue with that. Hear about recording unconventionally, hip hop curating culture, signing with labels throughout history, and making it in this political climate.

Turned Out a Punk

Vans Sponsored podcast hosted by Damian Abraham talks all things punk. Abraham’s long resume contributes to his energy, knowledge, and historical significance in the punk scene. With various guests, Abraham wonders whether punk is actually dead, or if we just like to consider it dead.