Beyond The Music launched in 2018. The idea stemmed from the desire to provide music industry friends a platform where they were recognized; a place where they could show the world how they are making their mark. While this is still at the core of the organization, Beyond The Music has quickly grown into something a bit more. Through learning and listening, this organization has turned into a center for growth and success in the music industry, a platform not only for our friends, but for the people we have yet to call our friends. I hope that 2019 brings as much friendship and community to Beyond The Music as 2018 did. We have so much more to contribute and hundreds, if not thousands of individuals to directly impact in their music industry success.


Connor Skelly

Founder, Beyond The Music

Let’s take a look back at the past 10 months and get a glimpse into a growing community of music industry supporters, workers, and friends.


Our first idea for an event was the one we ended up running with. Beyond The Music’s Industry Workshop, held at Treehouse Records, was so much fun. It was an excellent opportunity for like-minded individuals to learn from one another about their experiences in the music industry. From the creation of Hooligan Magazine with Rivka Yeker to fine-tuning and valuing your art with Emilee Keiffer, there was something for nearly everyone if they wanted to chat with someone in the industry. The event was an excellent sign that the passion for building each other up was already there, it just took an awesome record studio and thoughtful donations by Revolution Brewery and High Brew Coffee to get everyone together.

Then, as spring ended, we needed another event to plan. It would be summer in Chicago and that means one thing: Party Time. We held The Summer Bash at the Francisco Funhouse, one of many DIY spaces in Chicago. Performances from local artists like Ming Kurray, and DJ B.I.G.S.H.R.I.M.P went well into the night as partygoers danced and relaxed on the grass on a beautiful summer evening.


We put out a TON of content this year and have even more planned for 2019. Here are the top 3 visited posts on our site from the year:

Music Photographer Week and Contest

Music Photographer Week was one of our favorites of the year.  We love all the photographers we’ve worked with and feel a real openness to teaching and learning with them. So we compiled some questions from our followers and had a handful of experienced photographers answer them. We also had a segment done by friend and event photographer, Andrew Merz about equipment. This was really fun for us because it gave us a chance to reach out to a bunch of really inspiring photographers and pick their brains about starting off in the real world of photography, and growing in the music industry.

We then hosted a contest with some local photographers. This gave us the opportunity to team up with our close friends at ANCHR Mag for their showcase benefiting Our Music My Body. There, we picked three photographers as our Featured Photographers. This was a fun way to give photographers an engaging platform with four bands while supporting an important cause. We then had those photographers submit their favorite edit to be voted on. More than 400 people voted on our three photographers and our winner was Emma Zanger’s photo of Pooky! You can now get a glimpse into all of their portfolios on our website.