Writer’s block: it happens to everyone. You sit down to write a blog, introductory email, or chapter of your book and nothing comes to mind. Over time, this can become greatly discouraging and may hinder people from working on their creative projects,

Here are a few tips to get your the words flowing:

Try Something Different

Your brain searches for patterns to get things done. From walking down a city street, communicating with friends, even listening to music. By doing something outside of your usual norm, you are physically activating the creative side of your brain. Try changing up your normal routine in order to find new patterns. Try a different route home, eating a brand new food, or watching a movie you have never seen before!


There are many benefits to exercising: faster metabolism, clearer skin, it can even help cure writer’s block. Working up a sweat for at least 20 minutes will leave you with a clearer headspace and reduced stress to get back to your writing. Additionally, exercising outside provides an added bonus of mental clarity and creativity. Thanks nature!

Start Writing When You’re Half-Asleep

When you’re tired, your brain enters a hypnagogic state. This is where you will become more likely to experience hallucinations and become delirious. What a great time to start writing! In this state, you tend to be more mentally open and have a steady flow of connecting ideas together.

Don’t Try to be Perfect

This one might be obvious to some but is just as important as the rest. Whether you know this about yourself or not, “perfectionism” can be a creativity killer. You can always edit later but focus on staying in writing mode. Don’t worry about the logic just yet.


Got any suggestions for curing writer’s block? We’d love to learn about them! Submit some below.