Everyone knows that there a million paths to be successful. From bringing your concert photos to a local art fair to turning your album reviews into a monthly newsletter, there a ton of ways to make money in the music industry. Most commonly, people use their full- and/or part-time jobs to supplement the income they make from their work in music. But is there anything else? Sure there is.


  • Downloadables
  • Merchandise like t-shirts and stickers
  • Use Google AdSense to setup Ads on your site (only do this if you are growing a significant audience; it’s important to focus on content and user experience before cashing in on ads)
  • Other creator platforms like Patreon
  • Set up a donate button on your site

Leveraging Your Skills

  • Private lessons & teaching
  • Endorsements
  • Workshops and training sessions (on their own and for conferences)
  • Speaking engagements


  • Ghostwriting for other creatives
  • How-To guides based on your craft (or on whatever you want!)
  • Blogging


There is so much potential for using your music industry skills, or anything else you know, to help boost your career. This short list may not bring you large sums of money. In fact, I am fairly certain it won’t. It is important, however, to make sure you are creating as much opportunities for yourself as possible. By getting out there and spreading your work across multiple channels and audiences, you have a higher likelihood of moving up in your next level of success.

Got any creative ways you have made money in the music industry? Share below!