BTM Community

Coming to Chicago, Summer 2019!

Career Development

Developmental services based completely on Community needs. Anything from marketing to navigating networking events to writing a resume.

Meaningful Connections

Bond with other Community Members, grow your network, and create your own collaboration opportunities alongside like-minded individuals.

Access to Events and Meetups

Community members get access to BTM events and meetups as well as discounted partner event tickets.

Member Highlights

Monthly recognition for our members including curated content and site-wide promotions.


Curated Programming

Discussions, events and other programs entirely sourced from the Community.

Creative and Empowering Environment

Equipping members with the skills and resources to succeed in music. All ideas are welcome and encouraged.

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Frequently Asked Questions

When will the Community be available?

Summer 2019! Be sure to sign up above to get the latest updates on launch details, development, pricing and more.

I'm not in Chicago? Can I join?

In the beginning, we are going to restrict membership to Chicago only. This will allow us to have consistent face-to-face interactions with our members and help grow Chicago as a strong, collaborative, and supportive place for music industry growth. We encourage you to add your info to the list and we will get in touch to see how you can be involved!

Does it cost anything to be in the BTM Community?

We want to create a Community that is easily accessible and enables us to provide the most helpful events and resources, so we are still working hard to figure out the best pricing for our Community.

How many people are you allowing in the Community?

For the first few months, we will be bringing in a limited number of people in order to give us the opportunity to provide the best experience for our Community members and understand how people use it to make it a great environment for everyone. Expect around 5-10.

If we didn’t answer all of your questions, feel free to drop us a line anytime.