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OCTOBER 10, 2019

2112 Chicago

6 – 8 PM


The Ins and Outs of Publishing

The world of music publishing is much more besides getting your artist’s album on Spotify or sent to ASCAP. There are dozens of things to consider that could be the difference in hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars in missed opportunities. Managers, labels, and DIY artists need to know the ins and outs of things like composition, copyright, Harry Fox and other rights management companies, royalties, mechanical licenses, syncing and more! Get the rundown from our panel of experts bringing multiple perspectives to the stage.

Moderator: Brett Manchel

Brett Manchel is an associate attorney at Jayaram Law. He represents creatives, innovators, entrepreneurs, anartists in litigation and transactional matters pertaining to trademarkscopyrightsbusiness formation and disputes, and licensing and publishing arrangements. Growing up playing the drums and DJing, he understands the creative process. Brett also helps clients with internet, cyber, and privacy legal matters. Brett knows the practice of law is customer service, and he strives to work aggressively and efficiently for clients.

He currently serves on the associate board of the Chicago-based Lawyers for the Creative Arts and as a director of the Chicago Bar Association Young Lawyers Section, and currently is serving his second year as vice-chair of the CBA’s Law Practice Management and Technology Committee.


Nina Stiener 

Nina has been at Bloodshot Records for 3+ years working in digital delivery, royalty accounting, and other digital metadata tasks. Additionally, over the course of the last few months, she’s been diving deep through all of Bloodshot’s old mech licenses, contracts, and general publishing paperwork with the goal of making their system more transparent and artist-forward. 

She is working through a Masters of Studies in Law with a focus in Music and Entertainment Law degree from the University of Southern California and holds a professional certificate from Berklee College of Music in publishing, licensing, and copyright.

Aaron O’Brien

Aaron (aka Aaron O) is a music manager, songwriter, recording artist and producer based in Chicago. He specializes in artist consultation and guerilla brand management. He has been a frequent contributor to events such as ASCAP Expo LA, Lake FX in Chicago, and South by Southwest. He is currently recording his first EP while also writing his first book dedicated to helping music artists achieve their goals more efficiently. 


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