Mission and Vision

Our Mission

We educate and empower individuals behind the scenes in music through content, events, and community engagement.

Our Vision

We envision a world where the barriers of the music industry are broken down, where people can join and grow by their own merit, passion and network. By creating a more cohesive and collaborative community, every single professional will feel equipped with the skills necessary to succeed in their desired sector of the music industry.

What We Do


Articles, Editorials, and Interviews that aim to provide tools, resources, and insights to solidify your career.


Covering a wide range of topics, our events serve to create meaningful connections, expand music industry knowledge, and highlight industry organizations. 


Join a community of supportive individuals driven to grow a career in music.

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A Letter from Connor, Founder of Beyond The Music

Hey Everyone! Thank you for checking out this page and learning what we aim to work towards at Beyond The Music. The concept for this organization has rapidly evolved since October 2017 when I first started working on the initial website. At the time, I just wanted to talk to my friends that work in the music industry and create content around them in order to inform others of what they do. I still loving doing that today, and this organization has grown into something much larger.

As I was planning the first event and more content came together, I knew I needed help. Adding Emily Steinhauer to the BTM team has been one of my best decisions to date. Her professional, academic, and personal experiences continuously make this organization more impactful. So thanks Emily!

Then, our mission and vision shaped into what you see above and we began to double our content efforts and prepare an organizational shift towards defining: What does success look like?

To me, the music industry is a fascinating web of passionate people with a necessary mission: to bring music to your ears. There are pockets of music-oriented communities all over the world for artists, genres, festivals, and behind the scenes friends. Over the years, these communities have grown stronger and more connected, resulting in a more collaborative and informed music industry. But, there is always more room for support, collaboration, and a more engaging focus on the development of an individual’s success.

I hope that through our work, Beyond The Music will become a platform where people feel empowered to grow a career in the music industry and confident to make it a lifelong effort. In return, we hope you continue to exemplify the best in music in order to build a strong, and supportive industry.

Connor Skelly

Connor Skelly