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We provide career-building tools, resources, and opportunities through community engagement for the world of individuals beyond the music.

It’s hard to have a career in the music industry. We want to change that.

Beyond The Music is a community organization designed to help individuals working behind the scenes in the music industry. We understand that these people dominate the industry, yet receive little recognition in addition to the many cultural, systemic, and educational barriers that prevent or slow down a career in music. Through conversation and community, we can build the foundation for a more collaborative, informed, and empowered industry.

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Music Industry Jobs in Chicago

Getting a job in the music industry is not an easy feat. The positions within labels, studios, and venues are often few and far between. There are, however, many opportunities in music-industry related companies. These can be a great stepping stone in a stronger music...

Beyond The Music Presents: Booking a Small, Regional Tour

Hosted at 2112, a music and film incubator and co-working space in Chicago, our panelists discussed a wide range of topics on booking, promotion, and touring. From choosing your next city and must-have email templates, to specific programs and strategies people use to...


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A great event put on by very knwoledge & rad orgs! Check it 👇 https://t.co/7w5cTbLMKo

The path to an indie or major label is not easy. Managers and artists have a lot to consider as they navigate this journey. Get answers to key questions at our next event on 6/19 at @2112chi!


Did you know there is a caucus for the music industry? Also...what’s a caucus?

Learn how this group has been impacting industry legislation for years.