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We are a community organization that strives to create a collaborative, educational, and supportive platform for individuals growing a career in music.

It’s hard to have a career in the music industry. We want to change that.

Beyond The Music started as a platform to showcase individuals working behind the scenes in the music industry. We understand that these people dominate the industry, yet receive little recognition in addition to the many cultural, systemic, and educational barriers that prevent or slow down a career in music. Through conversation and community, we can build the foundation for a more collaborative, informed, and empowered industry.

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Music Industry Books Worth Checking Out

Nothing like a drabby winter to get your mind feeling a bit stunted on creativity. When I can’t think of what to write, or need to find creativity in some other world besides my own, I turn to a good book. While I love historical non-fiction, or a good mystery novel,...

A Brief Inquiry Into Indie Media & Literacy

My grandfather told me that he had a free Dunkin’ Donuts coupon thanks to a Facebook post. My mom, skeptical, called me to inspect it. Sure enough, it was from a fake fan-page that was posting counterfeit coupons. Why is this relevant? With the internet we have access...

How to Pitch a Music Mag, And Other Words of Wisdom

So, you fancy yourself a music writer? You have a piece or are working on a piece, saw a show, interviewed a band or want to review a new album, yes? Okay, how do you go from unpublished to published? You must write a pitch letter, also called a query letter or cover...


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Artists, managers, and labels have a lot to consider when booking a tour.

What kind of research do you do before planning a tour? Is it better to do big tour loops, or is it better to hit smaller circuits over and over?

Get answers to these questions and more at our next event with @2112chi!

T-minus 1 month until....THE TAX DEADLINE.

Check out these tax tips if you work in music:

forreal, though. this is so important. i’d be nothing without the advice i’ve received from so many of my peers, and i’m always happy to answer questions, too (even if it takes me a while- i’m workin on it sry)